Smarter Thinking backgroundSmarter Thinking for Education and Athletes

Achieve more by stressing less

Smarter Thinking backgroundSmarter Thinking for Military and Athletes
Smarter Thinking backgroundSmarter Thinking for Military and Office
Smarter Thinking backgroundSmarter Thinking for NHS and Office
Smarter Thinking backgroundSmarter Thinking for NHS and Athletes

It’s not the event alone that causes emotional upset, but your view of the event. That’s the insight that underpins Smarter Thinking.

In sport and at work we all face crunch events. A cup final that comes with extra pressure; work equivalents like a big presentation. But is it the event that creates the stress or the irrational beliefs we have about it? There’s no doubt that the self-imposed pressure can lead to a poorer performance.

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The Smarter Thinking Profile measures patterns of rigid, extreme, and illogical beliefs in relation to performance to allow you to recognise and address unhelpful attitudes to performance

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Our services

Smarter Thinking Performance Coaching

Performance coaching

We can work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you learn and utilise Smarter Thinking for your performance.

Smarter Thinking Group Sessions

Group sessions

We can work with your team at a group level to provide stress and emotion management training, using Smarter Thinking.

Smarter Thinking Wellbeing Programmes

Wellbeing programmes

We can develop and deliver workplace wellbeing programmes that integrate systemic individual and group level Smarter Thinking.

What clients say

“I know I am a good archer, now I am physically fit, my style is excellent and my head is now in the right place, because of everything we have worked through, I do have a more relaxed attitude towards archery which is benefiting my scores greatly… and it hasn’t effected my motivation and that was a big scare that it might”

“It improved my perspective on the current work situation…helped considerably in dealing with emotions”

“He appears to take time to prepare himself prior to practice and is less anxious if he has a bad performance”

“It helped to take the words “must” and “need to” out of my thoughts, taking pressure off myself”

“It really is amazing to see how the body reacts just from the thoughts that are being processed”

“The main help it gave me is helping me redirect my focus and decrease the pressure I was putting on myself”

“I have improved as a person and as a player”

“The rational thinking helped considerably in dealing with the emotions around being made redundant”

“It helped me to bounce back from failure and not dwell on things”

“He has become more relaxed, confident as the sessions have developed”

“I think this type of programme could be used for other areas of the business to manage the constant state of change in most businesses today”

“I was able to perform to the best of my ability”

“I wasn’t convinced at the beginning that you could help. I followed what you said to the letter, slowly I was surprising myself, my mind-set was changing as well as improving my scores as I went along. I wasn’t as anxious when little issues arose and I had those little statements which I printed and carried which helped a lot.”

“Most importantly he is enjoying his swimming again and looks forward to his competitions. His confidence of being in control of his own feelings before and after a race is clear and other parents and coaches have commented”

Smarter Thinking has enormous potential to transform performance in sport or at work. Contact us to find out more and get started.